Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Sorry Sight

Being only 30 feet long, Sojourn is moored at what I think of as t2011-04-02_15-37-43_167he entry level dock.  I say entry level as most of her neighbors are like her, less than 32 feet and seasoned.  A few docks away are the bigger slips and more expensive boats.

What is striking is the number of apparently neglected boats on the dock. There are no less than 10 boats on D dock with no canvas at all protecting their sails from the ravaging UV of the sun. Two of them have seen their sails shredded in the time Sojourn has been in E2011-04-02_15-37-05_969verett- just 5 months. Ironically, one of them bears a sail repair advertisement.  I didn’t want to embarrass the owner, so I didn’t post the image. 

What, by the way, is the nautical term for these neglected and deteriorating vessels?  Airmen call their aeronautical counterparts ramp queens.

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