Friday, May 6, 2011

How Do You Park Your Sailboat?

I was recently dialoging with someone in the Netherlands, and he sent me a photo of his boat.  I immediately asked him what happened, to which he asked to what was I referring.  I was referring to the fact that it looked, to my apparently novice eye, like his boat ran aground at high tide and miraculously speared the keel in the mud to keep it from falling over, to which his response might be interpreted, “how do they park boats where you live? IMG_1221 (4)

He points out that this Westerly Centaur 27 has twin keels and thus can do this quite easily.  If you look closely, there is a small shaft of light showing between the keels.

No news, I’m sure, to old salts here in the states, but interesting to me.  Thanks to Ruud for being kind enough to permit me to post the photo.  It was taken on a sea called Waddenzee where this is apparently a common sight.

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