Friday, November 30, 2012

Rot Repair

One of my last sails of the summer, I was returning from Holmes Harbor after a weekend with my son and a friend Walt.  The wind was pretty calm at the south end where we anchored, but hit about 20 knots at the north end going around the little island.  I was under full canvas and decided to ride it out as it was pretty clear that once I rounded the point, the wind would likely die down and I’d be on a quartering wind anyway. For some time, it has felt like Sojourn just won’t point on a port tack and the lee shrouds have been getting more and more slack.

I didn’t actually spot it until the next time I tried to take it out - the chain plate didn’t come all the way out, but perhaps nearly an inch. It could have been ugly.   Also the mast step failed (dissolved really), causing the compression post to penetrate the deck and actually go up inside the mast.  It’s about 80% repaired now, with new bulk heads and surgery complete on the cabin top.  I still have to fab a new mast step and do some maintenance on the mast while it is down.

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